What's a Jack headset?



            I wonder if you know anything about Jack headphones? Today, Li Lin Xin technology to tell you a lesson card headset.
The plug-in headset is similar to an extension of a portable small speaker: a built-in decoding chip that supports TF \ SD cards and plays independently of the front end; Easy to operate with multi-function keys. It may look like a "wireless" headset, but you can connect to digital devices like your computer, MP3 and so on via audio cable, like a normal wired headset.

Plug-in headset has the following characteristics

1. Play music from TF cards, SD cards
2. A variety of charging functions(USB port plugged into computer)
3, line IN external audio source input(3.5 audio source input)
4. FM radio(frequency 76 to 108 MHz)
5. Fully support hot plug and pull, easy to use
6. Pocket and lightweight size design for outdoor sports(folding)

Process and parameters

The technical parameters of the plug-in headset are frequency range, output power and SNR
Frequency range is 90 Hz to 20 KHz
The output power is a reference indicator of the plug-in headset, in terms of the number of Watts, which does not indicate the quality of the headset, but only that the battery needs the required output power to drive the plug-in speaker.

           SNR refers to the ratio of output signal voltage to simultaneous output noise voltage, which is usually expressed in decibels. SNR should not be lower than 70dB, and the minimum SNR of the plug-in headset is more than 70dB ~ 90dB.
Finally, we must pay attention to the purchase of good card headsets are well produced brand marks, if the trademark does not have a registration mark, the outer packaging does not have a security identification mark, the packaging does not have a warranty card, most of these three products are counterfeit, shoddy, do not recommend the purchase.