Your headphones are only for accompaniment.



            It is not the first time that a small editor has received a question like, "Some headphones are plugged into a mobile phone without a voice, some are plugged in with little sound, and the sound quality suddenly becomes bad." In fact, the biggest problem is probably due to different interface standards. For this reason, the small editor also went specially to check the information below, organized a little.

            Some friends may know what the reason is, is not the difference between the United States and the national standard. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. But what the editor wants to say is, what do you mean by the national standard? International standards? National standards? To Baidu, I guess it is possible to be dizzy, some of the national standard is referring to the United States, there are also said to refer to the European standard, so for convenience, but also will be to buy the right headset friends to buy their own standard headphones, we will not be wrong to read the English direct.

As you can see from the two above,
Number 1, 2, 3, 4 of CTIA from the top, left / right / ground / MIC
The number 1, 2, 3, and 4 of OMTP, beginning at the top, are left / right channel / MIC / ground line.

           Now the reason is found, in fact the standard is not the same, so the beginning of the situation, either no voice, or very little voice quality; There are several solutions. First, you can hold down the phone button on the microphone to allow for normal voice. This method can be used to save the emergency and so on, of course, if you have to keep pressing, the small editor is certainly no problem. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Second, you can try to pull out a quarter of the headset, that is, not insert the interface completely, only about three-quarters of the way, and then gently debug to know the sound is normal, the computer phone and other devices can be used, this method has been measured by many people in most cases, but the disadvantage is that the slightest contact with the sound may be confused.You can also choose the headphone conversion line that is available on the market, which allows different standard headsets to be interchangeable, although for a few friends who require a higher quality of sound, this method may slightly damage the quality of sound. Finally, the easiest way to apply it to the local giants! , change a pair of headsets that match the interface, or just change the device that matches the headset. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Finally, the following brand standards are briefly introduced.
CTIA: Apple(full range), Mi(full range), Miki(full range), Sony(full range), LG(full range), HTC official products, Samsung(consulting customer service), some Motorola models(ME 865), Lenovo W101, Nokia Lumia and WP7 series, Huawei(C8812/U9200), Yetong T900

OMTP: Nokia, Sony Ericsson(full series), ZTE(full series), Hip Hip Hip(full series), Kop(full series), HTC unofficial products(A3380, A3360, T9188, A9188, Z510D), Samsung old products(i8910, M3510C, M7500, M7500, F278, F700, F408, F490, G810, 50i558E, 18G8G, I9000, i6500U, F809, i8000, F859), Motorola XT 531, Lenovo A520/A750 / P700, OPPO(full range) and other domestic mobile phones.