Why don't many phones have headphones?



            Cell phone headsets are now basically standard for cell phones, either wired or wireless. Listen to songs, K songs, watch movies. There are careful friends will find that buy a mobile phone now, many smartphones do not send headphones. Like Xiaomi 5, Xiaomi 5s, Huawei glory 8 and so on. In the past, a phone with a few hundred bucks in it would have delivered headphones, although the quality and workmanship were not good. But a little is better than nothing. Listen. For those of you who aren't particular about sound quality, just listen.

           It's hard to figure out which one of the first to cancel the headset, but a lot has already been done. Then why is that? For several reasons:

           1.  Cost factors. With fewer accessories, the cost will naturally fall a bit. This is the most obvious.
           2. Human rights With the improvement of people's living standard, more attention is paid to the quality of life. More oriented to better quality, more personal style of goods. If you buy a regular phone, you can't get a high-quality headset. Send bad, will affect a brand image, pull down the overall grade, simply not send.

          3. Human rights The profit in the handset accessories industry is considerable, and many handset manufacturers have also dabbled in accessories and introduced their own headsets and other accessories. In this way, not only save money, but also earn more money.
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